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Danielle Hargrove is the founder of Your Gift Customised. She lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, with her husband Dave, their 2 adult children and their gorgeous Cavoodle puppy, Milly. She has extensive experience in the Marketing and Communications field, and also in Leadership Development, Training and Education. She is passionate about family and the outdoors, loving nothing better than enjoying the fabulous beaches, waterways and nature walks of the Northern Beaches, with her family and friends.

The idea for Your Gift Customised was borne from Danielle's passion for gift giving, and her ever increasing dilemma of "what to buy" someone that was specifically bought with the person in mind and was meaningful for them. Time and time again, she found herself leaning towards buying personalised gifts, choosing products that she knew her friends would use on a frequent basis, and customising them with a special message. Encouraged by the positive response each time such a unique gift was given, she decided to create her own personalised gift business, curating a special select group of gifts that have been proven to be practical, and also have the added benefit of showing someone that they have been truly thought about in the gift giving process.

It is Danielle's hope that when you give a personalised gift to others, that they too delight in knowing that someone has put thought into their gift ... and that someone cares for them.

The Family!

Your Gift Customised Founder, Danielle, with her family.

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