My Kindred Cheese Spirit

My Kindred Cheese Spirit

How apt! Reflecting on the current trend of my new online gift store Your Gift Customised, it seems that the best sellers to date are the personalised cheese boards and wine glasses. I am quietly amused! Anyone who knows me, will likely know that two of my favourite things in the world (non-human/canine!) are ‘cheese and bikkies’ and a ‘good drop of red’.

So, how appropriate, that my very first blog is about at least one of these loves of my life … Cheese!

I’m a big believer in supporting small local businesses – so where better to start than a trip to one of the Northern Beaches best known ‘Fromageries’ … The Artisan Cheese Room (located just opposite Manly Wharf). A quick perusal of their website equipped me with some basic knowledge of what to expect, and I must admit – I found that their website speaks to me … “Cheese and wine have always been perfect partners, not only for the joy of their pairings, but also because they share the ultimate expression of terroir. They are quite simply put, the land preserved.” This description certainly justifies, and indeed solidifies my passion for these two great pleasures in life!

After visiting The Artisan Cheese Room, I couldn’t wait to get home and sample my purchases. The Barossa Cheese Board was perfect to platter up the three cheeses, two of which I was told, are “top sellers” and the third, “perfectly paired with a ‘good drop of red’”.

So… here are my selections:

Marcel Petite Comte 12M – this is a French Alpine cheese, and the best selling AOC cheese in France. The experts say, “the cheese has notes of butter, nuts, earth, dried apricots and cream, with a slight funkiness and strong savoury notes’. 

Le Dauphin Double Cream – this is also a French cheese, and is undeniably known as a ‘crowd pleaser’. The experts say, “the cheese is silky textured, with flavours of creamy salted butter and mild, fruity notes”. 

Berry’s Creek Riverine – this is an Australian cheese from Gippsland, Victoria – and is paired perfectly with a medium-bodied Shiraz . I must say, this cheese certainly took me out of my comfort zone. I’m not a fan of ‘blue cheese’, but was assured that it’s this type of cheese that goes best with red wine. I do have to say, that I could be converted to being a ‘blue cheese lover’ after tasting this unique ‘Buffalo milk’ variety. The experts say, “the cheese is a rich, dense, buttery texture, with salty blue, minerally veins and a complex savoury flavour.” 

(Interesting fact: Apparently this cheese is not seen much in the market due to the small quantities of available Buffalo milk from local Gippsland sources. Wow who knew that Buffalo milk cheese was a thing!)

And the winner is... Le Dauphin Double Cream! This cheese was definitely our family favourite - sooooo creamy and simply devine!

So, a huge shout out to The Artisan Cheese Room, and to co-owner Joanna who, in the brief time that I was in store, was able to point me in the direction of these amazing cheeses. I’m looking forward to visiting again to expand my cheese knowledge, and to also look further into the amazing range of specialty wines that they expertly pair with their cheese.

In closing … Cheers to cheese boards and wine glasses! I love this new venture into the realm of online retail that I’ve embarked on, especially as I am finding that it’s no accident that my store offers the things that are seemingly close to my heart ('cheese and bikkies' and a 'good drop of red'), both of which provide a great backdrop for something that I am also passionate about – creating great memories, gathering with family and friends!


The Gippsland Cheese Board with Knife Set
The Barossa Cheese Board - Round
The Riverina Cheese Board - Paddle
The Yarra Valley Cheese Board - Small Rectangle

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