The Universal Food of Togetherness

The Universal Food of Togetherness

Are you ready for National Hamburger Day?

In all my years (haha… notice how I didn’t say how many!), I’ve never heard of National Hamburger Day. Have you?

Well, just last week, I noticed that there was an ad on the TV, saying that 28 May was the day to celebrate Hamburgers! And, after conducting multiple internet searches, I discovered that yes, in fact, National Hamburger Day is a thing. Jumping on the bandwagon to commemorate this new found ‘national day’ of mine was like a duck to water … we LOVE hamburgers in this household – especially the homemade kind, which combine our love of all things outdoors, gathering together, barbecuing, chatting and of course sipping on our beverages of choice. It seems that we are in good company, as the humble hamburger is often thought of as a universal food that brings people together!

Following on from my first blog on Cheese, where I ventured to The Artisan Cheese Room in Manly in my quest for finding the perfect cheese, this time I travelled to Narrabeen to source the ingredients to make the perfect Angus Beef hamburger – Devitts Wholesale Meats (@devittmeats) – on none other than Devitt Street!

I got to wondering why the Angus patties tasted so good, compared to our usual ‘regular’ beef mince burgers. And now it all makes sense! Did you know …

  • ‘Angus’ is a term that is synonymous with quality beef, and its label adds value to a product.
  • Angus beef comes from a mostly black, medium sized Scottish breed of cattle, bred to be more muscular in order to thrive in the cold Scottish winters.
  • They are known for their tender, juicy and flavoursome beef – the result of the high level of marbling which keeps the meat moist for longer when cooking.
  • They first arrived in Australia (Tasmania) in the 1800s.

And interesting to note …

  • Australian Angus gained huge popularity when it was introduced as a burger on McDonald’s Australian menu.
  • While quite similar, the difference between Angus and the Japanese Wagyu beef is that Angus is derived from one breed, while Wagyu can be produced from a range of breeds.

Some say that a hamburger resembles an art form that you chew, because in essence, it can be designed and created for the person who is eating it. In order to cook a good burger, of course the right tools definitely come in handy. Your Gift Customised’s personalised BBQ Utensils will do the trick, as will the very popular BBQ Mate, which both help to ensure that the patty is cooked to perfection. And to further enhance the hamburger experience, it goes without saying that beer is a strong contender for the beverage of choice – and no matter what drinking vessel you prefer, Your Gift Customised has a selection of four personalised beer mugs, including the ‘influencer approved’ beer can glass, which will all raise the level of culinary satisfaction!

Aside from enjoying National Hamburger Day, I hope that you are inspired to support a local business on this day (whether it be to bbq your own burger, or visit one of the many independent restaurants where the hamburger is one of their specialties). And you know what would make it an even better occasion? Using your very own personalised BBQ tools, and drinking from your very own personalised Beer Mugs.

So… cheers to the humble hamburger which, like a toasted milk bun hugging a patty tight, has been bringing families and friends together for many decades (even centuries some may say!) Enjoy!


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